Catalytic hydrogenation is the traditional advantageous field of Sunlight. Now, we are working hard on the R&D of new drugs and their intermediates. In this very competitive field, we believe in such principle of "No to advance is to go back"; therefore we are working hard to do our job well, keep to expanding our team and new fields.

Research team :

1.Our synthesis team is consisted of 23 masters, 5 bachelors and 3 persons with the certificates of technological academy. At the same time, there are 5 operators to operate the analytic instruments and provide analytic service. Moreover, we have 3 technical workers who are in charge of the experiments in the pilot plant. At present, we have the ability to offer kilogram grade products to customers who have the special requirement on the custom-made synthesis.

Technology advantages:

    1. High pressure catalytic hydrogenation
    2. BuLi & Cryogenic temperature reaction (≤-78℃)
    3. Aromatic ring or heterocycle hydrogenation coupling reaction
    4. Heck, suzuki, negishi, sonogashira
    5. Grignard reaction
    6. Chiral resolution
    7. Claisen or knoevenagel condensation reaction
    8. Witting reaction and witting-horner reaction
    9. Baylis-Hillman reaction
    10. Friedel-crafts reaction
    11. Michael additional reaction
    12. Oxidation reaction
    13. Hofmann rearrangement

We provided custom-made products and technical service for our foreign customers . Through strict confidential system and strictly obeying the confidential contracts signed with our customers, we enjoy excellent reputation in the world.